Legal - Law Reform and Web Quest

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Legal Studies Assessment Task 1: LAW REFORM AND WEB QUEST

1.Law reform is the changes that happen in law. Law can be reformed in 3 different aspects these are social values, concepts of justice and new technology introduced. As society changes , the need for a law reform is high, this is because that with a change in society new laws are needed to put into place to overcome the change. Justice is the quality of being fair and reasonable, in this case as society changes the aspects of justice is changing. Capital punishment is seen as a very unjust custom of punishment. Technology advancement has led to major law reform , this is because as new technology is introduced in australia society laws must be made to deal with them. An example of this is the development of more highly modernised equipment used in forensic science, such as the use of DNA, the new laws introduced or reformed try to balance the right of the use of the technology but also protecting the rights of the accused.Another example is computer related crimes such as hacking and intentional installation of viruses onto other computers.

2.a) The LRC is lead by a chairperson, The Hon James Wood AO QC, and there is only one full-time commissioner and also many part-time commissioner. There is an executive his job is to administer the day to day work of the Commision. The LRC are currently working on projects such as Security for costs and associated costs orders, Family violence, Penalty notice offences and complicity in criminal cases. b) The Australia Law Reform Commission was established in 1975, it is an organization that operates under the Australia Law Reform Commission Act 1996 (Cth). It's aim is to simplify and modernise the law which makes it easily accessible for people and also to improves access to justice. They ensure that when they reform laws that they are necessary for other people and that it does not defect community or society. The ALRC is one of the most efficient and positive...
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