Legal Issues in Singapore

Topics: Singapore, People's Republic of China, Communist state Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Name: Cheong Boon Kit (123906Q)
Article: CCTV to put Singapore’s Leadership into 10-parter Documentary I came across an article recently on how China's State Broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) is in Singapore to film a 10-part documentary on Singapore's model of governance. The article reported on how the series, endorsed by China Vice Premier Xi Jinping, aims to provide with a blueprint for China's incoming administration. Mr Xi has also mentioned about his admiration for how Singapore maintains a one-party dominant system in a prosperous and stable society in the article. While reading through the article, few interesting thoughts came into my mind and I would like to share my thoughts and opinions here. Firstly, as a Singaporean, I feel proud and flattered. Singapore is after all a small country but we have the larger countries and in this case the largest country, China, coming forward to express their admiration and desire to learn from our leaders on how our country was governed and run. The very fact that the series was endorsed by China's supposed leader-in-succession, Xi Jinping, shows that Singapore has not only succeeded in branding the nation as a role model in governance internationally, it also proves that with the limited resources and time, Singapore is also an economy framework worth learning from. Secondly, I personally feel that the whole saga about China learning from Singapore is somewhat overrated and exaggerated. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Singapore is after all a small country whereas China is a huge country. The political and economy framework in Singapore might just be suitable only for a small country like Singapore and it might just not work out in huge countries like China. Yes I will not deny or retain any credits that our forefathers and the government has done a pretty good job of getting Singapore to where we are now, but Singapore is a small country with tiny population and honestly, small numbers...
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