Legal Issues in Multimedia

Topics: Copyright, Intellectual property, Trademark Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Topic: Legal Issues in Multimedia
Nowadays, these resources have been illegible used by many people without knows by the original maker. People who used or copy other people media works is one of the illegible law of Multimedia that frequently happens. All of Multimedia product must be copyrighted and most of them already have it, but it was very disappointed because the product is originally implemented wrongly and without permission by the original makers. Leone Woodcock (2000) from the survey 21.1% people who agree that use the copying Multimedia product was legal, but the other 33.3% said that they are disagree perceive copying and illegally used Multimedia product and other 46.6% agree to copying and perceive the activity is either ethical or not. There are many legal issues in Multimedia that are the laws of the intellectual property, moral rights and infringement of the ethics in Multimedia. Background paragraph

The legal issues in Multimedia products/ resources are already known by people. Multimedia are the combination of interactive media that include pictures, sound, video, animation and text. It was interrelated with modality (the way Multimedia occur that communicate to our sense such as hearing, touch and etc), channel (the information that contain a modality) and medium (a set of harmonized channel such as television). These are the related functions that make up the Multimedia that interact together to make interactivity in our live. Many Multimedia resources that have been produce through television channel, radio and website, but there already have a law in producing Multimedia resource. (The Commissioner of Law Revision (2006) Any media products such as Journals, e-book, articles, software, websites, CDs, DVDs, books or even songs that have been license and copyrighted cannot be copied without permission unless that product is not Under Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1997. This is because, Copyright is illegally used by any...
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