Legal Immigrants

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Legal Immigrants allowed to vote

I am in favor of Pennsylvania allowing legal immigrants who are not citizens the right to vote. As long as they are legal and are following the protocol of becoming a citizen should have that opportunity to vote. If the main goal is to have people come over to this country legally, go through the process of becoming a citizen, and we as a country want them to understand how this country operates, then yes they should have the right to vote and experience one of the greatest parts of democracy. That is why they come over to this country, to experience U.S. life, rights, liberties, and freedoms. Many of those people have never had the chance to be apart of a process that allows them to have a choice. That allows them to have freedoms to have a decent paying job, to provide a life for their family, to have the feeling of belonging. To be apart of a system that is designed to work for them. Even if the system fails from time to time, they have a chance to voice their displeasure’s. If people are expected to come to this country and are told to follow the rules, work hard, and do the right things, then why should we punish those people for doing the things we expect not only of immigrants, but U.S. Citizens. One of the sayings about America is that it is the “Land of the Free”. I say we stay true to that title and allow legal immigrants who follow the rules, work hard, and do the right things the opportunity that we all share.
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