Legal, Ethical, and Security Concerns in Kudler's Frequent Shoppers Program

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  • Published : June 14, 2012
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Legal, Ethical, and Security Concerns in Kudler's Frequent Shoppers Program BSA/310

Legal, Ethical, and Security Concerns for the upcoming Frequent Shoppers Program Kudler Fine Foods is a food chain that sells specialty items. They are located in the San Diego Metro area and have three locations. Kudler Fine Foods specializes in high-end grocery items from both imported and domestic suppliers. They are well known for their fresh baked pastries, specialty dairy selection, a large cheese selection, and other products. Kudler’s number one priority is customer service. Kudler Fine Foods is hoping to improve its sales by becoming more efficient in its day to day operations. They want to increase the purchase cycle of their consumers by expanding their business through E-Commerce and develop a Frequent Shopper Program. Kudler’s policy has always been to have enough inventories to make certain that they do not run out of stock. Keeping inventories high has become costly to Kudler’s. By implementing the frequent shopper program they hope to be able to fix this problem and any other problems while making the shopping experience a better one for their customers. Programs like this can have security, legal, and ethical concerns. This paper will look into these concerns making sure that the frequent shopper program will be worth all the problems that can come with it. The Frequent Shopper Program

Many large retailers have implemented some type of Frequent Shopper Program. This type of program has become very popular in retail stores because of the boost it gives to sales. Kudler Fine Foods would also like to develop the same program for the E-Commerce. This program will enable Kudler Fine Foods to keep track of the items that are purchased by each customer. This will give Kudler Fine Foods the opportunity to offer each of these customers a way that they can save money but still purchase their favorite products. Implementing a program like this...
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