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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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HSC Legal Studies: Re- doing the assessment.
Essay Question: “Explain why young offenders are treated differently in the criminal justice system. Assess the effectiveness of the criminal justice system when dealing with young offenders”

The Australian legal system and social media has responded attentively towards young offenders. The effectiveness and result is clearly shown through the community’s response, police officers and government officials that has implemented new strategies for young offenders to be “back on their feet” because the legal system has recognized the incapability of a young person(s) to understand the legal system. The maturity level and inexperience are causes for them to offend the law. However a person(s) lifestyle and behavior can affect how you treat and respect the laws of the land. One other reason why young offenders are treated differently is due to the protection made by an international organization. This treaty is founded as “Convention on the rights of a child”- also known as CROC. CROC is a set of comprehensive rights given to children under 18years of age. The Australian government ratified the convention in December 1990 but only became binding in 1991- delayed by the extensive process of ratifying the convention in each state of Australia. Therefore explains the one year gap between the years.

A former US researcher from the Institute of mental health has given factual points that a human brain does not finish developing until its late 20’s. The researcher stated “It’s unfair to expect young people to have a fully developed understanding of the law and treat them as adults, when their brains have not yet finish developing into adulthood stage. This researcher has demonstrated that a young person(s) dependency is still sustained with their former parent(s).Thus creating a barrier to give them full responsibility as a young person and an evidential proof that shows why young people must be treated differently-...
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