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Topics: Law, Jury, Alcohol Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: June 10, 2012
“Evaluate the effectiveness of legal and non- legal mechanisms in dealing with children and young people”

There are many legal and non- legal mechanisms, which seek to gain justice for children and young people. The effectiveness of these mechanisms changes with different situations. There have been many law reforms, which have proved to be effective; although there are many areas, which need improvement. An issue that will be further discussed in this essay is young drivers and the law. The legal and non-legal mechanisms that I will discuss throughout this essay are courts, government, and the media and protest groups. These legal and non-legal mechanisms are effective in achieving justice to an extent.

Many young lives, which are aged between 16-24 years, are cut short and families are left devastated, this is where the legal mechanisms need to take action to protect the young drivers and society to drive safely and responsibly. Deaths are increasing involving p platers. Young drivers are more likely to commit more careless and dangerous driving due to the teenager wanting to experience things they haven’t tried and also peer pressure to speed, will finally cut the lives short of these young people.

Throughout previous years legal and non-legal mechanisms have been taking part in educating young drivers such non-legal mechanisms are the RTA and NRMA, educating in schools. This is a form of the law trying to achieve justice for the young people. Many laws have been introduced recently throughout Australia for young drivers, these laws include:

* A driver knowledge test must be passed.
* An eyesight test must be passed.

Learners have restrictions on them such as:
* Zero alcohol limits
* Maximum speeds
* No trailer or caravan towing
* Displaying of L-plates
* Supervision by a licensed driver
* No demerit points permitted.
* Logbook must be kept.
* Provisional 1 Licence drivers are restricted in activities...
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