Legal Considerations

Topics: Ethics, Morality, John Stuart Mill Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Legal Considerations
Ethics has developed as people have reflected on the intentions and consequences of their acts. From this reflection on the nature of human behavior, theories of conscience have developed, giving direction to much ethical thinking. Intuitionists (Ralph Cudworth, Samuel Clarke), moral-sense theorists (the 3d earl of Shaftesbury, Francis Hutcheson), and sentimentalists (J. J. Rousseau, Pierre-Simon Ballanche) postulated an innate moral sense, which serves as the ground of ethical decision. Empiricists (John Locke, Claude Helvétius, John Stuart Mill) deny any such innate principle and consider conscience a power of discrimination acquired by experience. In the one case conscience is the originator of moral behavior, and in the other it is the result of moralizing. Between these extremes there have been many compromises. Therefore, the Community has created its own code of ethics. This Community Services Code of Ethics has been established for the reason in which I think serves as a guide and values for community service board members, staff, and volunteers. The code of ethics helps to establish resources for a group or an individual who may find himself or herself in a complex situation. In addition, if each board member, staff, and volunteer obey all laws, and the Community Services Code of Ethics, the human service organization will find itself with less moral and ethical dilemmas. When one of the codes of ethics have been broken, such as providing information to an outside source when it is considered confidential can, and most likely will lead to a lawsuit against the agency and the individual; resulting in the individual being terminated immediately. The action jeopardizes the organizations credibility, and possibly lead to a harsher consequence; its licensing being suspended, or revoked. Just one individual can cause much harm to a human service organization; therefore, it is always important to keep the Community Services Code of...
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