Legal Awareness Is the Need of Hour

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness”
Sonam Priya Singh
. Our country is a democratic country as well as a welfare state. “Rule of Law” is the edifice on which the democratic structure has been built on. “Rule of Law” means everybody is equal in the eyes of law. In spite of this solemn principle, every day we hear news about instances of atrocities committed against women and children, excesses by law enforcing agencies, harassment of citizens by officials, cheating by seller of goods, exploitation of the weak, stories of discriminations and deprivation in the society besides heinous crimes like rape, murder, looting, etc. In most of the cases the victims accept these suffering silently by ascribing them to fate or are afraid to protest on the grounds of further reprisals.

The fact is that many times people are not aware of the law and the rights such laws confer for their protection. The Directive Principles of the constitution lays down the guidelines for the welfare of the socially and economically neglected section of the society. A number of laws have been enacted to contribute to the welfare of the socially and economically downtrodden population of the society. However, the benefits of these provisions are not reaped by them due to lack of awareness about the same.

Every country has prescribed Rights and Duties for its Citizen. The Citizens need to be aware about their Rights, the related legal provisions and processes. Coupled with this knowledge, they are also required to know how to realize their rights and entitlements. On the reverse side, there are certain duties and prohibitions which are cast upon people and that need to be observed so that they do not transcend the barriers and get into trouble for the same.

The lack of legal awareness is not, unfortunately, confined to illiterates. Even educated person are often not aware about...
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