Legal Aspects of Events in India

Topics: Event management, Management, Police Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: August 26, 2006
Name: Ashton Souza
Course: Legal Aspects of Events

A report on the legalities faced by event management companies while organizing events.

Introduction: As with any business, it is important as it is hated to have laws that govern it. So events too have to be governed by laws and taxes. However special laws have not been formulated since Event management is not deemed as an industry and the general laws given below effect the Event management companies while they conduct their events.

Legalities faced by event management companies while organising events:

Permission: has to be obtained from authorities before starting an event. For an event to be held in a village a letter has to be forwarded to the village- panchayat or mamladar requesting for permission. For an event at the district level permission has to be taken from the respective district collector. Upon receiving the letter the collector forwards the letter to the local police for clearance and if all the norms are met the clearance is given.

Traffic police: Permission has to be obtained from the traffic police. If they feel that the event will not jeopardize the traffic flow then they will give clearance.

Private property: Permission needs to be taken if the event will be held in private property through means of contract. If the permission is not taken and the event is held in private property then it is termed as encroachment or criminal trespass and the guilty can be booked under section 441 and 447 of IPC which defines trespass which entails a punishment of up to 3 months of imprisonment depending on the nature of trespass. The guilty can also be booked by the civil court and a fine of Rs 500 will have to be paid if found guilty.

Pollution control board: Permission needs to be obtained from the pollution control board located in Junta house for any event that will be organized in Goa especially out door events. Although this is a norm many do not follow it. The pollution...
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