Legal and Regulatory Issues in Health Information

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Legal and Regulatory Issues in Health Information|
Chief Long Term Care Officer
Professor Damarie Nix|


Table of Contents

Job Description 3
Responsibilities 4
Responsibility with legal and regular issues 5
Challenges with running a nursing home 7
Ethical dilemma’s 8
Future of Chief Long Term Care Officer 10
References 12

Job Description
Chief Long Term Care Officer is the title given to a nurse who performs a supervisory role in a hospital or long-term care facility. An officer that is required to interact with doctors, patients, families, and staff members. . . a position that is the highest honor for someone with a degree in nursing. There is a great deal of responsibility when a Nurse takes on the role as a Chief Long Term Care Officer, and one such person must meet education and experience criteria before they are even considered for the position.

Most nursing homes require their Chief Officer to have at least eight years of nursing experience, with at least three of those years in a supervisory position. A bachelor’s degree of nursing is expected along with the candidate being a registered nurse. If a nurse wants a leg up on their opponents who are also seeking a position as a Chief Long Term Care Officer, then a master’s degree would put them ahead of the norm. There is a large amount of technical knowledge on administrative duties along with effective management of an entire medical facility. The Officer must possess an updated knowledge in terms of products and services in nursing, and a great way to do so is to continually attend training for the position to improve the nursing home that they run. The nursing home has to be maintained properly and it is of utmost importance that the facility is hygienic and clean. The staff that is hires must be evaluated on a regular basis to see whether the residents are served well. It’s the Officer’s responsibility to make sure that the nursing staff follows protocol and standard procedures.

The Chief Long Term Care Officer supervises the nursing staff and trains them on new policies and procedures. The Officer is responsible for the recruitment, retention, and training of the nurses. There could be legal repercussions if procedures, nursing laws, and work standards are not followed properly in a nursing home. The Officer must have an authoritative tone and be able to be sympathetic at the same time. The Officer is the first contact that a resident and their family get to know at the facility, and the nurses that they hire are a direct example of how the nursing home is run. The Chief Long Term Care Officer has high standards to uphold for their reputation, their staff’s reputation, and the facility’s reputation.

The Officer is also expected to be able to make modifications to policies and procedures whenever needed. The Officer is in charge of approving changes, and some of those changes could affect the lives of a resident. A change in procedures that is not communicated effectively could result in a resident losing their lives, and it could ultimately tarnish the reputation of the nursing home and of the Officer. With that being said, the Officer should have good oral and written communication skills in order to relay messages to the Human Resources department, management, and the nursing staff.

Responsibility with legal and regular issues
While researching this position, I ran across a lot of things that I thought were simple tasks or just plain common sense. But these policies and procedures are put into place because somewhere along the way, someone felt a need to implement these policies because someone must have been hurt. I also found that the integration of various solutions in a nursing home is a decision that will lead to long-term benefits. The Chief Long Term Care Officer should follow any recommendations and guidelines,...
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