Legal and Financial Aspects of the Business Proposal

Topics: Employment, Occupational safety and health, Law Pages: 5 (1435 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Legal and financial aspects of the business proposal
Developing a beauty business
Raven Samways

Unit 14

Legal and financial aspects of the business proposal
Task 14.2 P
When starting up a business there are a few legal aspects which will affect the star up of a beauty salon/spa. Acts relating to health & safety & business legislations * The health & safety at work act 1974 (HASWA): Salon employers must provide safe and healthy workplace including maintenance of a reasonable working temperature of no less than 16 degrees after the first opening hour, effective ventilation, suitable lighting and humidity levels and adequate toilets and washing facilities. Proper safety procedures –fire exits, notices, drills, handling and recording of accidents etc. Safe equipment which is regularly serviced. Adequate training for all staff in safety procedures. Access to a written local health and safety policy. * The management of health & safety at work regulations 1992: This is to ensure that the correct systems are in place to co-ordinate, control and monitor health and safety management this regulation requires the employer to assess the health and safety risks to employees, clients and other visitors to the business premises. Plan, implement, monitor and review preventative measures. Maintain accurate health and safety records, e.g. servicing and repair of equipment. Select and appoint suitable people to implement fire evacuation procedures and first aid * The health & safety (young person’s) regulations 1997: This legislation amends the management of health & safety at work regulations 1992 by placing new duties on those intending to employ people under the age of 18. No young person can be employed for work beyond his or her physical capacity or be exposed to risks because of lack of experience or training. * The workplace (health & safety & welfare) regulations 1992: These are to clarify and join together previous legislation relating to the working environment, safety facilities and house keeping. * The manual handling operations regulations 1992: This legislation is to ensure that the employer lays down practical efficient procedures for the handling of goods etc. Within the salon/workplace e.g. lifting heavy loads (stock, electrical facial equipment) often can result in industrial injury. * The personal protective equipment at work regulations1992 (PPE): These regulations are to clarify and link together previous legislations including use, type and storage of personal protective equipment. It is the employers responsibility to ensure all employees who may be at risk of being exposed to health risks or injury are provided free of charge, with appropriate protective equipment. They must also make sure that such equipment is maintained in good working order and all employees trained in its use. * The provision and use of work equipment regulations 1992: The aim of this legislation is to clarify and link together the many regulations relating to equipment. This legislation ensures that’s all equipment whether new or second hand must be properly maintained and all employees must be correctly trained in how to use and maintain it. It also ensures that written records regarding its maintenance are accurately kept. * The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 1992: These regulations lay down the guide in which substances deemed hazardous to health e.g. hydrogen peroxide should be used and stored It is essential that all employees should be made aware of the risks of such substances and where necessary be given training in such areas. Employees should always follow safety guidelines and the precautions identified by their manufacturer. * The environmental protection act 1990: This act relates to the safe disposal of hazardous substances it ensures that any practitioner using hazardous substances must ensure that disposal of them...
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