Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
To begin my presentation I would start by posing the question of the organization’s ethical guidelines. And suggest that we establish clear and defined ethical guidelines that we can hold ourselves to not only for our customers but for the betterment of our company. When ethical guidelines are clearly defined it is more likely that employees will hold themselves to those standards or higher. With no guidelines in place there is much more room for those with lesser ethics to create issues for the company and use the excuse of not having clearly defined ethical guidelines. Our ethical guidelines should be given in writing to each employee with a signature of receipt. They should be posted on the company’s website under the about us page so that our customers are aware of our ethical guidelines as well. Any third party that we do business with should be made aware of our ethics and we should be aware of their ethical practices. If their ethical practice conflict with our own we need to seek a third party vendor that has compliable ethics to our own.

Secondly I would bring up the potentially defective products, stating I was unsure in how to handle the information I had regarding such products as the organizations ethical guidelines had never been communicated to me. But that I believe it is in the company’s best interest to take real action about the defective products to remove them from production while we develop a solution or revamp the current products to eliminate the defect.

We would need to post voluntary recall of the defective products offering a replacement for those that have already purchased such products in stores and locations where these products are sold, have been sold, or will be sold. We should also post recall information on our site as well as the consumer products recall site During a voluntary recall we will be less likely to receive customer complaints and lawsuits and more consumer...
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