Legal and Ethical Issues

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  • Published : October 18, 2007
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Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues
Many years ago, when people wanted to get way from it all, either all alone or with family they would give the local travel agent or agency a call to make all the arrangements for a desired destination. From flight plans, hotel accommodations, rental cars or entertainment. Well, the time has come where there are choices to use the Internet or use an agency. Nevertheless, people have been using the Internet for the ease of user friendly and the comfort of doing at home or work by E-business (Internet); this way the customer could have the choice of three web sites Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz. These web sites are also known for their reliability to get information to the average consumer. With this kind of information available and so many possibilities, it is no wonder why retail travel companies have taken advantage of the widespread access that the Internet to offers. Low cost overhead and costs allows companies like Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz to offer low or reasonably priced vacation packages, in order to keep their prices competitive in their business industry. With the many pros of the different portals can also bring many cons. The legal, ethical, and regulatory issues may have to taken into consideration when choosing these sites. Once a person is on a website and would like to make a purchase, confidentiality and legal issues are things to keep in mind. Since the 9-11, there are many legal issues that arise depending on the particular website. Travel websites will have all legal issues in writing so every person whom would like to use the site has full access to view all the legal information. A site like Travelocity has information on taxes and surcharges that needs to be assessed for every flight. There are laws stating what one can bring and cannot bring on an airplane. In today's times, there are many laws that each person whom travels has to abide by or that person will get in serious trouble. When...