Legal and Ethical Implications in Classroom Management

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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Yvette Jones
Grand Canyon University:
Professor Erika Hopson

Today’s classroom is a lot different from what we have seen before. Teachers were in the classroom because they wanted to be and not because they had to in order to make a living. Today’s teacher is frustrated thus classroom management becomes an issue that needs mention under many forms. Behavioral issues ensue and parents lose trust in the educational system. Parents are also at the helm of this problem and our classrooms are faced with ever changing methods of discipline and classroom management. Teachers are given lists of ways to organize their classroom at the beginning and throughout the year. What are the legal implications as it applies to teachers? What are the ethical implications? What are our students, parents, and teachers rights? It seems that these have been ever changing and in some cases our teachers and parents are often times left confused. The students are then left confused because there is no one that understands what their rights really are. These questions will be answered in this paper as per the articles that I have read relating to these topics. Article 1: Preparing Teachers for Classroom Management: The Teacher Educators Role

The first thing that grabbed me about this article was a quote, “You will not even get to teach your perfectly written lesson plan if you don’t have a classroom management plan in place.” (Clement; 2010) This article details how important it is for student teachers to know and understand how to manage their classroom. As teachers we have a legal and moral obligation to keep our students safe with the ability to learn. She discusses how some states do not have a requirement to take a classroom management class and that many student teachers have no idea how to begin managing their classrooms and when they are faced with their first behavior problems. It also talks of how many books, articles, and videos there are out there for new teachers...
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