Legal and Ethical

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Ethics Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 7, 2013

International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
Lawrence Hawkins
American Intercontinental University

Effectively present a defective product to the CEO’s that might hurt the hold company product. Then to notify the CEO and other manager about the issue before the customers get the items or product. It this my job to also to take action to help form this issue or any type of issue from happing again in the future.

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There are ways to effectively present any and most issue to the CEO and managers within the company or business. One must have all of the fact about the issue of the problem or problems that the company might not know about, or did not see coming. Therefore to present it to the CEO it needs to put on paper what and how it might hurt the company. Having to talk to the management to see if that you are right and if it could be use to help better the relationship with the other business. After addressed the issue with the management and he or she agree that this may be a better way to handy the issue for the good of the company. Then putting a presentation together to show to the CEO and other management why this is a good plan. You must try to win the CEO and other management over to see the big picture, remember you are the one that is out there in the field working. In dealing with other company or business there are going to be some occurrence with issue about the product. Like a return product or a late one there are many other issue that may come up and to notify of any problem. In this day and time e-mails the customer work will because you would have a copy of the e-mail on file. But a phone call to them is other way to inform them of any problems. Always stay in touch with the business or company is the best way to get the product to them to sell to the people. With any company there should be safety inspect on all product that is ship out to them. The company could develop a board...
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