Legacy of William Carey

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15 November 2008
The Legacy of William Carey
The title of this book is "The Legacy of William Carey" written by Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi. This book discusses William Carey's involvement in modernizing India with God's vision. It's a collection of 5 essays, the first 3 chapters are written by Ruth Mangalwadi, and is centering on the place of women in Indian society and how important Christianity was in their freedom from Hindu bondage. Ruth Mangalwadi paid particular attention to the issue of sati or widow burning on her husband's funeral pyre. Vishal Mangalwadi, concludes this book by writing chapters 4 and 5. Vishal Mangalwadi centers on the crucial elements of Carey's Christian vision and how it made India's transformation possible. In the first chapter, I was amazed on how Ruth Mangalwadi introduces William Carey's career and titles. She described him as a Christian missionary, botanist, industrialist, economist, media pioneer, agriculturist, translator, educator, astronomer, library pioneer, forest conservationist, crusader, public servant, moral reformer, and cultural transformer. It is astonishing for any one person to receive so many titles.

After reading this book I wondered; if I went to India today, would the Christian people know whom William Carey is? My assumption is that most would say “no!” It’s sad… but who can be mad? Here in America we have forgotten most of our movers and shakers in the Christian movement. Chapter 5 was probably my favorite chapter to read. Vishal Mangalwadi masterfully takes the reader into the mind of a modernizer. William Carey’s unmovable beliefs and values are very inspiring to any reader with a heart for missions.
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