Legacy of Olympics

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Legacy of Olympic games
Harnessing the United Kingdom’s passion for sport to increase grass roots participation, particularly by young people – and to encourage the whole population to be more physically active • Exploiting to the full the opportunities for economic growth offered by hosting the Games • Promoting community engagement and achieving participation across all groups in society through the Games; and • Ensuring that the OIympic Park can be developed after the Games as one of the principal drivers of regeneration in East London. Opportunities for economic growth

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are already producing a considerable economic benefit all around the UK. British companies have been able to access almost £6 billion of contracts to build and supply the 2012 Olympic Games. Bringing in high value investment is another key part of realising the economic legacy Regeneration in East London The Games were sited in Stratford, East London, deliberately, to exploit the opportunities they present to develop and accelerate this regeneration agenda. This regeneration has cleared away and cleaned up over 300 hectares of centuries-old industrial contamination and blight in the heart of East London (cleaning nearly 2 million tonnes of contaminated soil); opened up 5.5km of improved waterways; and provided new transport links; to create a riverside environment which offers one of the finest development sites in the world. It is transforming the residential and business image and potential of East London and sets a new benchmark for sustainable development that will lead the way for future building in London. It provides local people with a new park and public realm improvements extending into the surrounding communities, world class social and sports facilities, and new housing, beginning with the 2,800 homes created after the Games by the conversion of the Olympic Village. The massive investment in transport is making Stratford one of the...
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