Legacy of Henri Moissan

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The Legacy Henri Moissan

Henri Moissan is arguably the most important person in chemistry of all time in my opinion. He conducted many studies and experiments which later on lead him to win the Nobel Prize through all of his hard work.

Henri Moissan was born in Paris, France on September 28, 1852. He was very thoughtful and sympathetic as child, but also very shy. His family was neither poor nor rich, seeing as his father was an officer for a railway company and his mother was a seamstress. None the less, the Moissan family moved to Meaux, France in 1860, where Henri started his education at a local school here. His family had a middle class income as stated above, and his parents had no collegial level education what so ever. The living conditions were pretty fine considering the Moissan family lived in Meaux, which was the metropolitan area of Paris and it was a really luxurious place to live at that time. Mossain started getting into chemistry at a young age, when his father gave him chemistry lessons, as a child. This sparked Mossain and triggered his love for chemistry and to dig deeper into this field of science. He went to a municipal school in 1864, and there, he was heavily influenced by a mathematics and science teacher, who gave him private lessons. He was briefly apprenticed to a watchmaker in 1870, before joining the French army in fighting off the Prussians. Finally, in 1871, he was apprenticed to a Pharmacist and paved his way for a successful life. His advanced education began in 1872, in the College de Meaux and later in Edmond Fremy's laboratory at the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle, where he attended lectures held by E.H. Sainte-Claire Deville and Henri Debray to increase his scientific knowledge. There, he earned his baccalaureate in 1874. Later on, he moved into Deherain’s labororatory where he directed a small laboratory there, before joining Debray and Troost in their respective laboratories. He obtained a junior position, after...
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