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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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LEG 500

Assignment 1

July 21, 2012

The Employment-At-Will-Doctrine is a doctrine that defines an employer can fire an employee at any time, without cause, and the employee can terminate employment at anytime. If there is a contract, the contract must be honored until set date of termination, or employee fails to honor set contract (Halbert & Inguli, 2012)

1. Describe what steps you would take to address the following scenario involving skills, competence, and abilities:

• The employee seems to be unable to learn the computer applications that are basic to her job responsibilities, but consistently “tells” her boss that she is “a good worker and a genius” and that he does not “appreciate her”. Even after a few months of training and support, she is unable to use the computer tools to be productive and efficient in completing the required tasks.

The first step is to always train the employees. In this case, where she was given training and support, I would first make sure the training and supports is documented. Then I would provide her with an official document stating my concerns of her inabilities to do the job and a warning of termination is she is not able to improve within a given time period. However, Jennifer did not meet the requirements and skills she requires to perform the tasks for her job. The firm hired her based on qualifications she said she could perform and now that she is unable to perform her task, she is no longer an asset to the company.

For this reason, she should be laid off from the company with no chance of being re-hired. The employment-at-will doctrine states that an employee is hired based on his/her will and may choose to leave at anytime post-employment. The same applies to the employers in the sense that they can fire her for good cause, bad cause or no cause. The employer does not hold any legal liability as long as no contract was signed upon employment....
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