Left Versus Right Brain and How It Impacts Learning

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  • Published : September 21, 2011
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Nicole Maramonte

Left versus right brain and how it impacts learning.

What is left brain learning and thinking?
The left brain is responsible for logical, sequential thinking, and learning. Analysis, linear thinking, order, and the need for structure, take place in the left brain. Problems are solved by looking at the parts and sequence is critical. We try to make sense of the world with our left brains.

When thoughts are made consciously, the left brain is in control.

What is right-brain learning and thinking?
The right-brain is responsible for musical tunes, patterns and mental pictures. The right side is concerned with whole picture and spatial relationships. The right-brain uses intuition, beliefs and opinions.

When feeling love, beauty or loyalty the right brain is in control.. Right-brain thinkers tend to like art and graphic design.

What is whole-brain learning and thinking?
Those who are whole-brained tend to be more flexible.
Being whole brained can cause confusion when making decisions. The greater the connection is between both halves, the greater the chances of learning and creativity. Einstein is an example of a whole-brain thinker.

How does each learning style impact a learning environment?
Left brain students tend to prefer to work alone.
Left-brain students enjoy reading independently.
Left-brain students prefer a quiet classroom.
A right brain student prefers groups.
A right-brain student will prefer to make something than attend a lecture.

How can teachers create conducive learning environments?
In general, our society caters to left-brain thinking.
A left brain teacher will prefer to lecture, discuss, outline, independent instruct, assign more research, have a clean classroom. A right-brain brain teacher will prefer hands on activities, display visuals, incorporate music, assign group projects, have materials and books scattered about the...
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