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Topics: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness Pages: 5 (801 words) Published: March 4, 2012

In this society, being right handed is typical and is very dominant. Studies show that just

being left handed could affect a person in many ways. This review of the psychology and left-

handed people will show how they think. It will also show their advantages in this society as

well as their disadvantages. Lastly, it will then show the effects. The paper uses information from

reliable and up-to-date sources to keep credibility up and give the reader valuable information. Have you ever put a belt up-side down? Have you ever tried adjusting a microscope?

How about tried shaking a person’s left hand? It should be obvious for one to know where this

is going. Or perhaps you are completely confused because you happen to be the opposite of the

people this paper is about. Who puts a belt on up-side down anyways? Well if this question pops

up, knowing that this is about the psychological factors of being left-handed should help. This

paper will review 3 factors about how being left-handed can affect your psychological factors:

1. What are the thought processes of left-handedness people?

2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of left-handedness?

3. What are the characteristics of being left-handed?

Understanding how left-handedness people work is interesting and is unknown to many and

when looked into, it is seen that they have hurdles in their life that right-handed people do not

have to overcome because of the natural lean of the society in the world today.

What are the thought processes of left-handedness people?

Thought is perceived by the acts of people. How they act or how they behave shows

many factors that show how they think. Right tend to see things in a good way if it is to the

right. But according to Christine Blackman, “Lefties do the opposite, pairing positive things with

their left side and negative things with their right.” (Blackman, 2009). Lefties take part in art,

imagination, and don’t like logical subjects like art. They typically use reason and creativity.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of left-handedness?

In this world according to Jordan Kalilich on Theworldofstuff.com, left-handed people

face many advantages and disadvantages (Kalilich, 2010). Some disadvantages include the

pencil and pens. When a left person holds the pencil, then writes, there will eventually be a

Psychology and Left-Handedness

smudge on the side on his hand because that part is trailing the writing he or she just wrote.

Scissors may seem like normal to a right handed person, but when used by a leftie, it seems to

not sit right in the hand. This can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. For a left-handed person, using

school desks is also very difficult. You must get in the right way and some desks are made so the

right hand writes, but the left one would hang off the desk. Another disadvantage is the use of

power tools, if a left handed person held a right handed power tool, danger is inevitable and

bound to happen eventually. Aside from those disadvantages, just like everything having their

ups and downs, lefties have some advantages as well. Studies show that lefties have more

creativity because their right hemisphere is used more which is the side that motivates the

abstract, emotional, or music side of a person. Another awesome advantage is adaptability.

People naturally adapt when things are different. For a leftie in a right-handed world, these

lefties overcome these problems and are better at adapting to things.

What are the characteristics of being left-handed?

There are two people; one person who can play Beethoven like it was nothing and one

person who can calculate the distance from the earth from the sun if it was summer time. This

over exaggerates the difference between the left and right handed people. It does although, give

the tip off that left handed people are more creative and...
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