Left Brain vs Right Brain: How Does It Impact Learning

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  • Published : January 28, 2012
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| | | | | | |The left and right hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. We tend to process information using our dominant side. However, the learning and thinking process is | |enhanced when both side of the brain participate in a balanced manner. This means strengthening our less dominate hemisphere of the brain. In trying to differentiate between the left and | |right brain, My paper will show information processing styles that are characteristically used by our right or left-brain hemisphere. | |According to Coballis M.C (2007) The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner. It processes from part to whole. It takes pieces, lines them up, and arranges them in a| |logical order; then it draws conclusions. The right brain however, processes from whole to parts, holistically. It starts with the answer. It sees the big picture first, not the details. If| |one is right-brained, he or she may have difficulty following a lecture unless he or she given the big picture first. That is why it is absolutely necessary for a right-brained person to | |read assigned chapter or background information before a lecture or to survey a chapter before reading. Predominantly Right-brained people have trouble outlining. They rather wrote the | |paper first and outlined later...
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