Left Brain vs Right Brain; How It Affects Learning

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How This Impacts Learning

Troy J. Miller

COLL100 I059 Sum 12

American Public University System
Megan Doyle

The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How This Impacts Learning

Over years there has been extensive research done by different psychologists suggesting that our brain works in two different ways. Some of these researchers also believe that the left and right sides of our brain work hand in hand with each other, and that one cannot function without the help of the other. Certain activities are also controlled by one side or the other of your brain. Leadership is also controlled by different styles and how people tend to lead. Essentially people are labeled as a left brainer or a right brainer. You can find out which type of brainer you are by looking at the characteristics of each side of the brain to see where you find yourself more comfortable. According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities that are popularly associated with the right side of the brain include: recognizing faces, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, color, images, intuition, and creativity. Cherry, K (2012) From this information you can conclude that you may be a right brainer if you find yourself to retain more information from visual experiences. This may also imply that you are hands on learner and retain information better if you are allowed to experience the material hands on. The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The left-brain is often described as being better at: language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. Cherry, K (2012) This information could lead you to conclude that you are a left brainer if you find that you are more “book smart” and that you retain information better in reading materials or a lecture. This...
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