Leehom Wang

Topics: Leehom Wang, Actor, Jackie Chan Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Leehom Wang
By Vivian
My favorite film actor is Leehom Wang. Actually, he is much more famous in the field of singing. After I watched almost all his films. I knew that he is an offcasting actor because he has changed into different kinds of styles. I think perhaps it is why I love him. His first film is ‘THE IRON GIANT’ .He is one of the dubbers in this film. Then he acted in the film ‘From Ashes To Ashes’ directed by Leslie. He acted as a doctor in the film. It’s a fresh attempt for him. Then he starred the film called ’China Strike Force’ which is the first official film in Hong Kong for him. In the following days, he played many action films linked to killers, policemen and so on, such as ‘The Avenging Fist’,’ Moon Child’ .Sometimes, he is a just policeman while other times he is a cruel killer. ‘Lust, Caution ‘ is a twist for him and he has a breakthrough. He changed his action films’ style and acted as a patriotic youth. ’ Little Big Soldier’ is another new attempt .The latest film that he performed is ‘Love in Disguise ’ It is a romantic film .He not only starred the film ,but also directed the film. All in all , there is no iconic transfer for Leehom because he is always trying to take chance of new things. That is why he is so successful. From my own perspective, he may not be as outstanding as some international superstar, he is still very prosperous in my eye.
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