Lee's Summit Symphony: A Concert Report

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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Andrew Griffin
Roberta Gregg
Music Appreciation
Concert Report 1
Initial Response:My initial response to the concert was of much surprise. First, when I walked in I didn’t expect to see such a formal event. Thank goodness I showed up in my work clothes! My initial reaction to the music however was one of great surprise. I didn’t really know what to expect from the Lee’s Summit Symphony because honestly I didn’t even know they existed. Once the symphony began to play “Don Giovanni” my mood instantly changed. The symphony was incredible, and the music was not what I had expected at all. I was surprised by how much of the music I had actually heard before and just not realized it. First Half:

Instrumentation and Technology: The instrumentation in the symphony was incredible. The symphony included multiple violins as well as numerous other sting instruments, but also instruments from the percussion, and woodwind groups. One instrument that really helped set the undertone of the music was the timpani. The timpani also really help to keep the rhythm. The drums are membranophones which are instruments that are played by being struck, plucked, or rubbed. Another instrument that really stuck out to me was the harp. The harp was played quite a bit and created a beautiful tone for the music. Technological wise, there wasn’t a lot in the symphony. There was one electrical piano that was located in the back of the symphony, but I wasn’t able to really hear it. The piano however would be an idiophone which is an instrument that produces sound by striking itself. Harmony: The harmony of the Overture was mostly consonant but showed some dissonance to reflect the overall mood of the music. The consonance and dissonance led to the harmonic progression which established a clear sense of key. The harmony in “Don Giovanni” was very stern. In Classical music most if not all pieces had a privileged harmony which is one harmony that is more important than the others....
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