Lee Chong Wei - Why Being No.1 Player Are so Important.

Topics: Badminton, FIFA World Cup, Badminton World Federation Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Why winning / being no 1 in the world are so important?

To be ranked world number one for a long time is a remarkable achievement for a badminton player, especially from Malaysia. This is because the competition in the world of badminton is great enough, not to mention the presence of the players form the powerhouse of world badminton, China, as well as the players from the European continent that often presents a tough challenge to Lee Chong Wei.

Lee Chong Wei, who is known for his high fighting spirit, morale and commitment to the sport deserves to be in the world's top ranking, despite never be successful in the Olympics, but Lee Chong Wei is deemed to be the best player ever born by Malaysia in the badminton world.

The victory achieved by Chong Wei in international badminton tournaments thus enhancing Malaysia to the eye of the world. Badminton is one of the major sports in the world with a total professional and social players reached billion, and, of course badminton received wide coverage in the media. In fact, the coverage is not limited in countries like Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Denmark but also covers 169 countries under the auspices of a combination of the main body of world badminton, Badminton World Federation, BWF. The frequently that Chong Wei won major world's tournaments makes the name of Malaysia itself is synonymous with badminton, despite the fact that in parts of the world, many people still do not know in detail the geographical, political and cultural landscape of Malaysia itself. But at least they know Malaysia has a badminton champion named Lee Chong Wei.

Become world number one actually gives a lot of implications to the public perception. Of course Chong Wei became an idol and icon, especially to young generation to follow Chong Wei's footstep to conquer the world of badminton in the future. Chong Wei's success has always created the phenomenon to the younger generation. As usual, children are easily influenced by the...
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