Topics: Quality control, Quality assurance, Information technology Pages: 12 (3820 words) Published: May 3, 2013
TAWFIG M. ABDELAZIZ Faculty of Information Technology, University of Garyounis, Benghazi, Libya tawfig@cs.uni-essen.de ABSTRACT In the last decade a great development and fast web sites that offer billions of pages on different subjects and uneven. This vast amount of information was accompanied by almost total absence of quality controls and the credibility of sources, which putts the beneficiaries of this network meet a real problem concerning the issue of discrimination between various information presented in these websites. This paper addresses internet services, and quality of information and the Internet, and evaluates the quality of information in websites, and the need for solutions such as the control the quality of electronic information. Keywords: Information Quality, Information Quality Criteria, electronic information. terms. This inspired us to ask about the quality of the information in different websites, knowing that this wide space is missing to the lowest legal controls and scientific integrity and professional ethics.

Widespread use of the Internet and the rapid and continued increase of websites had a prime motivation for the emergence of important services provided by this network for the general public of users. These services are facilities, which are obtained by users of the network during the daily transactions according to specialization and interest with the various issues. The services offered via the Internet are classified according to the concerns of users. These services include the areas of information and communication, trade, culture and tourism, education and research ... Etc.. In the field of information, the services are classified into two types free and paid services as follows:

Nowadays, the knowledge is becoming a real factor that controls the fate of the peoples of the world, where the development plans and strategic planning based on the ability of the organizations to control the information in terms of production, acquisition, selection, processing, storage and use in accordance with sound policies that take into account the objectives to be accessible [1,2]. The profound evolution of the human society at the end of the last century in various fields of social, economic and political was accompanied by a rapid development of information technology and communications which have had a deep impact on the lives of individuals and groups in the transition to information societies. This transition is without a doubt changes the concept of development which no longer depends on the financial aspect as it depends on the knowledge aspect [11,16]. The spread and impact of IT on the profound transitions taking place in the current time shows that the use of information technology is not optional but a reality imposed by the development of the new world. And it becomes inevitable as a result of globalization, which adopted a market economy approach taken to work and information technology tool for implementation. Over the past decade of this era a big development in information technology and communications, especially the internet. This has spread all over the world due to comprehensive and multiple services. The widespread use of the Internet coupled with the amount of information handled it has become a source of information without competing at least in quantitative

The largest part of the information handled via the Internet provided free by the organizations and bodies or agencies that produce them. The majority of these institutions provide information about their products which keep up their customers. It also seeks to attract new customers and all of this is within maintaining its activities and its position in the market. In addition to, there are universities, schools and research centers that deploy large amounts of information in the form...
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