Lecture Review

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Lecture Review

Theme: The importance of Business Ethics Management in Corporation nowadays

Nowadays, we can see many real examples of the fact that Corporations which only concern about its profit and advantages rather than other social responsibilities are changing their strategies or they cannot stay long in the market place. However, because ethical behavior is not easy to achieve naturally or automatically, there are more concern about specific policies for a company to set up its own ethical standard or in other words set up a Code of ethics. According to the definition given in the lecture, Codes of Ethics or Code of Conduct are voluntary statements that commit organizations, industries or professions to specific beliefs, values and actions and set out appropriate ethical behavior for employees. Today, it is not unique that whenever a business is launched, it is necessary for its owner or a board of owners to adopt a specific list of codes of ethics which will be followed by all of its employees. In this essay I would like to use Apple as an example to illustrate how corporate concern about the important role of setting its Code of Ethics in marketing its image as well as how to implement its Code of ethics in reality.

Apple can be seen as one of the best examples related to ethical behavior issues in corporation nowadays. It is one of the corporations which set up its own well-done and completed code of ethics regarding different issues such as Labor and human right, Health and safety, The environment, Ethics and Management systems. These codes are documented and are shown on Apple’ website so that everyone including its suppliers, consumers, etc. can easily access and check its application in reality. For example, some issues such as the use child labor, overtime working or discrimination are prohibited. Apple is not the only one example for this trend, whatever in a small company or in a large corporation, for example IBM, the importance of...
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