Lecture Ready - Chapter 4 - Lecture Outline

Topics: Copyright infringement, File sharing, Peer-to-peer Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: March 27, 2013
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Chapter 4 – Lecture Outline
TOPIC: Technology is changing the music industry.
I. Democritization of music industry:
1. Making of music:
a. Professional tools of recording studio on personal computers. b. No longer needs a recording company to make high-quality recordings. 2. Promotion of music:
a. On the internet, anyone can be a critic.
b. People post preview, opion and their music work on music sites, blogs or create their own audio blogs. c. Promotion tools has been popularize.
3. Distribution of music:
a. MP3 files – the most popular way to get music.
b. There are many sites to buy single or album of music.
c. Files sharing – P2P networks – sharing all over the world. II. Copyright:
(The U.S. laws and international agreements on ownership and rights to distribute property)
1. Tools make music easy to record, promote, distribute also make it easy to steal. 2. P2P networks can be used in legal way, however, 90% of music downloaded violates copyright – people trade music illegally.

3. How to stop, or reduce copyright infringement:
a. Music companies and musicians believe that it’s needed to restrict file-sharing on the internet: - Companies that make it easy to share file and make money from it should not be allowed to operate. - Should nstall security devices that make it harder to copy and share files to protect the companies and musicians’ rights. b. The file-sharing sites and technology companies disagree to restrict all uses to protect copyright: - The free flow of information led to some of the most technological advances of the world. - Restrict internet sharing not only limit the file sharing but also limit the innovation. c. Other group of people think that it’s needed to have new models for how to pay artists and the music companies, that restrict file-sharing just won’t work.
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