Lebron X

Topics: Michael Jordan, Athletic shoe, Nike, Inc. Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Ten or more years ago, the thought of purchasing three hundred dollar tennis shoes would never cross an individuals mind. In the economy today, buying athletic wear in that price range seems to be a normal trend, specifically brand named shoes such as Nike. Recently, there has been an uproar about the price of the new Nike Lebron X shoes and different people have different opinions about it.

Since Michael Jordans' first release of his brand line basketball shoes, the economy has seen a trend in rising sneakers prices. Though Lebron James and Michael Jordan are two different people they have one thing in common, shoes that people want. The highly awaited basketball footwear is set to release September 29, 2012, with prices increasing to two hundred and seventy dollars with new technology in the shoe. It will not be hard marketing this shoe at all. It is being said that the cutting-edge sneakers are a new wave of basketball shoes. "Nike's $300 Shoe Has the Marketing Built Right In" (McCarthy 2012). Shoe stores like DTLR, FootLocker, Shoe City and many more are anticipating the delivery of this footwear to there stores. They know it will bring high volumes of business during the period of sale. Majority of the population buying this shoe will be people from the middle class, black communities. Other people looking to buy this pricey shoe with the technology in it, are the people who want to know "how high they can jump or how far they can run" (Banjo 2012), but to the average customer, the colors and style of the shoe are appealing enough.

In Late August of 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that the state of the art Lebron X shoes would price for over three hundred dollars. "The Wall Street Journal reported that Nike’s LeBron X – the tenth in a series of sneakers bearing the basketball star’s name – will likely break the $300 mark. This means that in the nine years since the company debuted its first LeBron shoe, the price would have jumped nearly...
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