Leboncoin Market Survey China

Topics: Advertising, Classified advertising, China Pages: 25 (7359 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Market Survey

Setting-up of a website like leboncoin.fr in China
Martin Brisson
Rouen Business School


Mission statement3
Summary of recommendation4
Market analysis6
Company introduction6
The website7
SWOT analysis8
Source of revenue9
Customer analysis9
The social aspects11
Competitor analysis13
Chinese competitor analysis13
French competitor analysis16
PESTEL analysis19
Political factors19
Economic factors20
Social factors20
Technological factors21
Environmental factors21
Legal factors21
Key success factors23
Shopping experience23
Content control24
Marketing mix25

Mission statement
The Norwegian company Schibsted (owner of leboncoin.fr) is willing to develop his influence in China. They already developed 2 websites meant to be used by Chinese people with the same recipe as leboncoin. On the other hand, they have not yet developed a website for the expatriates population in china. They asked us to realize a market survey to prepare their entrance in the Chinese classified ads market for expatriates Methodology

This mission will be achieved with different tools:
* Internet researches
* Readings
* Realization of a survey
These researches will be conducted on every level of the economic situation (macro, meso and micro) for a global understanding of the Chinese market and more accurate recommendations. The study will contain analysis models like:

* PESTEL analysis to asses macroeconomic factor for the Chinese market * Key success factor to efficiently enter the Chinese expatriate market. * Marketing mix
* Gathering and analysis of the answers obtained by our survey to add the microeconomic aspect to our project and have a better understanding of our customer. Summary of recommendation
Recommendations taken from the customer analysis

* Schibsted has more chance to build a profitable website if it is in English in order to be understood by most of the expatriate population. * They should focus on goods with a short period of use due to average the length of stay. For example for real estate, the renting section will probably receive more views than acquisitions. * Schibsted could add a forum to his website, this would help expatriates creating network and would be a chance to draw attentions.

Recommendation taken from the competitor analysis:

* Differentiate itself from competitors by using the paying options strategy

Recommendations taken from PESTEL analysis:

* Shanghai offers a good business environment, this is where most of the expatriates live and there is plenty of enterprise to work with * Schibsted should focus on places which contrentrate the most of the expatriate population * Hiring skilled foreigner employees to take over senior management position would give more control into its settlement for Schibsted in the first place. After a few years it won’t probably be mandatory * Be aware of the risk of intellectual property thefts that can happen in china and strongly protect the website by applying for a patent at the SAIC.

Recommendations taken from the key success factors:

* Focus on the quality and uniqueness of the design to be recognizable * Make sure that the website is as user-friendly as possible to please the customer * Be sure to control every ads the users post so that customers can rely on it (avoiding scams) *

Recommendations taken from the Marketing mix:

* Change the predominant color of the website to red, Chinese favorite color. * Change the name of the website to fit expatriates
* Change to a website with account registration to develop loyalty to the brand * Schibsted should choose a high price strategy for private persons and a low price strategy for real estate agencies. * They should focus their...
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