Lebanon vs. Egypt

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Lebanon Vs. Egypt|
Compare/Contrast Essay|
Reem Hani|

Every country is unique in its civilization, culture, and morals. Lebanon and Egypt are two of the most majestic countries, not only in the Arab world, but also worldwide. Comparing and contrasting those two countries will help us understand and get to know the Egyptian and our culture more. These two Arab countries have several differences, as well as some similarities. These two countries are the primary contributors to the 20th century of intellectual renaissance. Thus, we will compare the climate, art and politics of these countries.

The first point to compare is climate. Both Lebanon and Egypt have a Mediterranean climate. This is approved by having the two countries lying on the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the climate in both countries leads to high rates of tourism, which was a turning point to both countries’ economy. Some researches had shown that the rate of tourism in Egypt and Lebanon reached 12.8 million and 15 million tourists respectively. Unlike Egypt, Lebanon has a null daily range of temperature. This is shown by studies where there is a maximum of four degrees between day and night. Furthermore, there is a difference in the number of seasons that both countries have. Lebanon has four seasons, a rainy winter, a fall that lowers the temperature, a spring and a hot and humid summer. On the other hand, Egypt has only two seasons. It has a very hot summer which usually lasts from May to October and the average temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and a very mild winter season. Winters are warm with temperatures ranging from 55 to 70 degrees. Those winters last from November to April. The average winter temperature is 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, we can approve that climate doesn’t only affect only our economic sector, but also our politics and art.

The other aspect to compare between Lebanon and Egypt is its history and politics. In order to compare this...
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