Lebanese Cuisine Marketing Evaluation

Topics: Lebanese cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Eid ul-Fitr Pages: 8 (1841 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Lebanese cuisine

A- Situation Analysis:

a) Current Users: Eating is a need that everyone can’t survive without, but what to eat

is a taste, and everyone has a taste. Lebanese food is demanded in the Arab countries

because the cultures are very close to each other. Thus recipes contain many similar

elements, like rice, bread, meat, chicken, legumes, cheese, cereals….and that’s one of the

major reasons why residents of KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar, no matter what

their age is, or which gender they are, like Lebanese food and found it tasty. Thus, many

of those are current users for the Lebanese food but what differs is what each person likes

the most in the Lebanese menu, some prefer the “yakhne” the most, some like the “tabboule”

and “fattoush”, others enjoy the mezze the most, and some of them prefer the Lebanese

delicious sweets and desserts. Now, for the Lebanese people, it’s obvious that they are

the number one eaters of Lebanese food because they are the creators of the Lebanese

cuisine, beside the Lebanese cuisine they are fans of other cuisines like the Chinese,

American, Italian, French, and Japanese cuisine and the list continues.

Talking about people living in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France,

United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Australia….. Lebanese restaurants are found there in

many regions especially where Lebanese immigrants are located, and the Lebanese

cuisine is tasty for many residents of these countries.

b) Geographical Emphasis: Now Finding out where our current users live, our current

users are spread all around the world, but heavily spread in Lebanon (in all regions),

Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Italy,

Switzerland, Australia. In Beirut you can find excellent international cooking, but you will also be offered the delicacies of the local cuisine. The national drink is arak, an anise flavored alcohol served in small glasses and mixed with ice and water. But the offer of arak is a courteous way of leading you to eat "mezzes",  delectable hors d'oeuvres of infinite variety. Homos and tabboule, both now widely enjoyed in Europe and the United States, are still at their best on Lebanese soil. For a main course you might be offered "kebbe", which is mutton carefully pounded and cooked with crushed wheat. "Chawarama" is a Lamb grilled on a vertical spit. Local wines, some of which rival those from Europe, go very well with these dishes. The sea also provides ingredients for Savory Lebanese recipes and fruit is abundant, not only the kinds known in the west but also those which only ripen under the oriental sun. c) Seasonality: As I Said before Lebanese Cuisine presents delicious food and dishes,

and foods are a primary need to survive .Thus food is not a seasonal product it’s an

everyday necessity. But some dishes are prepared on a seasonal basis, they are made on

special occasions, like kallaj on Ramadan, Turkey on Christmas, Meghli when someone

is born….etc.
It seems as though the Lebanese are always participating in holiday celebrations, especially religious holy days. This is because Lebanon is home to two main religions: Islam and Christianity. Despite bitter disagreements between them, the people of both religions continue to enjoy their own traditional festive celebrations, which often include large feasts among family and friends. Muslims (believers of Islam) celebrate several holidays throughout the year, though probably none are as important as the holiday of Ramadan. During the entire ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims avoid all food and drink between sunrise and sunset. In some villages, a man beats a drum through the streets, attempting to wake people before the sun rises so that they may enjoy an early breakfast. A typical pre-dawn breakfast might include grapefruit, pita bread with olive oil, a boiled egg, a cup of laban (yogurt), and tea. After the...
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