Lebanese Crisis Cold War Effect

Topics: Lebanon, Iraq, Cold War Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: December 8, 2010
The Cold War was a conflict between the west lead United States of America and the communist block lead by the former Soviet Union. It lasted almost 4 decades and a half from 1945-1991- the collapse of USSR. It was fought in neutral areas, space, Africa and Asia. It was fought in all manners including: an economic war, media and propaganda, diplomatic struggles and military conflicts. Prior to the Second World there were economic, political, and ideological differences that were put aside so that the two blocks take part in WW2. These reasons were magnified after WW2 ended because there were no longer common interests. Though the cold war has finally ended, it had a great impact on the world. Today, there are many unresolved issues that are greatly similar to the cold war, one of which is the Lebanese crisis; though Lebanon is considered as part of the Third World. The conflict in Lebanon is between the mosaic religious sects and their foreign allies with the Israeli and Arab elements in the back ground. The reasons leading to this conflict are the interests of the different allies, the ideological differences, and militarism. (Islam for today) The first and basically far most important reason is the ideological conflict. Lebanon's population is geographically divided. The south is mostly populated by the Shia sect and the north is populated by Sunnis, the Minorities, the Druz and others (Wikipedia). The Shia is one of the two main sects of Islam alongside the Sunni. The Shi'a believes that the successor after Muhammad's death should have been Ali and the Sunni's believe that the 4 caliphs chosen were the right selection. In Lebanon this is a main issue because each sect is after the power to rule the country in order to enforce their own laws on their dominated region (Islam for today). Militias of different religious and political groups armed by regional powers fought in a bitter civil war that lasted twenty years between 1975 and 1995. The aftermath of the...
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