Leaving Paradise

Topics: Prison, Community service, 1990s American television series Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Corey Koski
Book Report Project
Mrs. Fox’s Class
Summary a book

“Leaving Paradise”

Simone Elkeles:
She wrote many books that are very popular to read such as “Perfect Chemistry” or “How to Ruin My Teenage Life.” She understands teens’ life experiences. She loves to write a book about teenagers. She is the bestselling teen romance novels. She is well known author. I highly recommend you to read her books. She is the best!

Beginning of the story:

Caleb Becker, a boy who went to prison for a year and half. He was driving under influence by drinking. He accidently ran over a girl, Maggie Armstrong, and went back to the party due to feeling so guilty. The most ironic part is Caleb’s closest childhood is Maggie Armstrong, the person who got hurt by him. Maggie’s one leg couldn’t move, and for the rest of her life, she walks cripple. Maggie used to crush on Caleb and now she hates him to death because she ruined her life.

Maggie Armstrong:

Maggie was very angry with Caleb for ruining her life! She can’t walk normal, and she had to attend therapy every week to heal her leg. She couldn’t bear the pain she have since a car accident occurs. People were making fun of her for walking so weird, and she feels lonely. Before she was lonely, she had a best friend and her name is Leah Becker, Caleb’s young sister. Now, Leah changed in a bizarre personality. She wears everything that is black. Maggie heard about Caleb’s release from prison. Maggie never wants to see him ever again, so she decided to go to Spain for the whole summer to avoid him. The biggest problem for her is money issue. She didn’t have any money to cover her trips, dues, and everything she needs to pay. One day, at the party, she met Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. Reynolds is very rich, old lady who lives alone in her house. Her husband passed away, and she needs some help to finish her garden. She told Maggie that she will pay everything for her to go to Spain, however, she had to help...
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