Leaving Home and Memories

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Rami Thomas
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A New life

Leaving home, yes, I remember leaving home, can you? Leaving home for me was quite unlike the leaving home of what I would call the usual. It December 27, 2009. That day I won’t forget for my entire life, that day when it was the change in everything, that day when I was saying goodbye, the teary goodbyes to relatives and friends. Getting closer to time to leave home, I started to remember and retell, in my head, the bittersweet memories of leaving the loving nest. As my family and I arrived to the airport, my heart was heavy, and I started to feel sad because of what I hate and I’ve always hated, it is separation from my best friends, however I knew the time has come to leave. I felt an unsettling feeling in my heart and a kind of longing to stay back forever. But at the same time, I was excited. I have been reflecting on what my life would become and what it could have been and, eventually, I plucked up the courage to walk away and started a new life. In the plane, I sat with closed eyes, reliving those wonderful and fond memories, I left behind. Today is a life change. It’s awaking me and saving me, striving forth happy, confident and bold, into a world that’s familiar but friendly. Into this new life my spirit will send me, Living, laughing, and loving it all. Now I’ve been sitting around this life, I can see just where it all went, Cherish every moment of this new life. Later, I woke up; I could hear the faint humming of the airplane engines. We were over the Atlantic Ocean. I noticed the journey viewer showed that only 2 hours to go. I was going to be in Canada after what seemed a lifetime of waiting, anticipation, obsession with it all. I was going to touch down, to take a first Canadian breath of air, in only just two hours, what an exciting feeling. I couldn't even believe I slept in the first place, but I had. After almost 2 hours, my dad told that we are flying above Canada. Canada! A smile took...
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