Leaving Home

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Leaving Home
Life is short and we need to make our decisions faster without wasting our time. For this we need support and help which we get from our family and friends all our life so we never want them apart. We always want them in our every moments of our life weather at our dejection or exhilaration but it is not the same as we desire. Life is a journey and you never know what happens next so you could end up anywhere at any time. It was August 9th 2008 when I first came to the United States of America leaving all my family and friends behind. I was a stranger over here as I knew nothing what next I was going to face in my future life. As I went to my new home I had already started to miss my old home since the whole place seemed totally new and strange to me. The weather was hot like hell; I was not used to this type of weather at all but had to change my behaviors. The apartment looked deluxe but I still missed the room back in my home which I had organized by my style with the woofers on all the corners of the room and off course my precious little guitar which I used to play whenever I got bored and lonely as now. Whereas in my new room I had a little study table where I have those thick books that I studied every night to gain a good GPA and those comfortable queen sized bed where relieved all my stress sleeping tight. The room had a door to the patio from where I could see the big tennis court where the children used to play other games like basketball and cricket rather than tennis. I found it hard to build friendship with my neighbors as I never saw them since they were too busy. I was having a hard time getting used to this environment and life style. It was a busy life here. Nobody had time to relax. Everybody used to leave home so early, come back late, eat and sleep. This was the daily routine of most of the people over here. It seemed good to be busy but still I found it very exhausting and dull life because we had the same life schedule each...
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