Leave the Past Behind

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Leave The Past Behind
As the matter of fact, the racial diversity in the world is increasing day by day. However, people just need to find out how to live comfortably with other of different history’s background. It is true that the process to overcome the past between nations and the discrimination between races takes an amount of time. Nevertheless, people nowadays are opening a new chapter of life. In reality, people all over the world now do not think about the painful past, the war or whatsoever anymore; instead, they start to shake hand, make business or lifting embargoes which last decades. In the essay, “Vietnamese Youths No Longer Look Homeward” which was written by Nancy Wride focuses and reflects on young Vietnamese immigrations’ perspectives about the past and present. The essay is persuasive and realistic because there are so many interviews of the author with young American Vietnamese. The purpose of Wride in writing this essay is giving facts of the changes in American Vietnamese along with the change of time and under different circumstances. The author shows clear pictures through vivid words in the essay under her sharp pen to let reader see the sacrifice of Vietnamese immigrants in order to live in a better country, which offers many opportunities and promises a mighty brighter future. I, myself is an example for Vietnamese immigration who leave my own country and looking for the brighter future in a freedom country. I am not really concerned about the past or the war between two nations or the hatred toward the communism country, but I do worry about what I should do to reach my goals or which major I should follow. That is what more realistic in this century that young people think about. Along with the reading, there are some parts that Wride reviewed a little bit about history and hardships of Vietnamese people who were trying to flee or escape over sea to the United States when the U.S Army decided to stop and withdraw out of Vietnam....
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