Leather Garments Pre-Feasibility Study

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Pre-Feasibility Study:


The objective of the pre-feasibility study is primarily to do a study for making a Data Base Management System for a Leather Garment Manufacturing Concern in order to manage it personnel system. Introduction of the Company:

This is a leather garments manufacturing concern, making leather garment products like Leather Bags, Shoes, Belts etc. The target customer of this concern is Local Market as well as Foreign Market. Brief detail of the company operations is as follows;

Pre-Feasibility Study Leather Garments M

5.5 Process Flow Chart

P r o c e s s F l ow f o r Le a t he r G a r m e n t s M a nu f a c t u r i ng

F i n i s h e d L e a t h e r

• S h ee p , G o at , C o w & Bu f fa l o

• A v e r ag e l e at h e r r e q u i r ed p er g a r m en t 3 5 Sq .F t .

• T h i c k n e s s 0.6 -1 .4 m m

M a t c h i n g

G r a i n a n d c o l o ur m a t c hi ng of l e a t he r o n pe r g a r m e n t ba s i s

C u t t i n g

P a n e l c u tt in g w i t h t h e h e l p o f de s i gn t e m p l a t e s P a n e ls = F r o n t, B a c k ,
Co l l a r , B e l t , S l e e v e s , Cu f f

A sse m b l y

F u s i n g (H a l f & F u l l )

P a ne l s a r e r o l l e d t oge t h e r w i t h ac ces s o r i e s

Fu s i n g , Pa d d i n g , L i n i n g , El a s t i c , La b e l s , Zi p p e r s , Sh o u l d e r s p ad , B u t t o n s

F i n is h i n g

B u t t o n i n g, T r i m m i ng , T o uc h i ng a n d Iro n i n g

S t i t c h i n g

Tw o M e t h o d s

1) O n e St i t c h e r on e G a r m e n t

2 ) C h a i n pr o c e s s

F o l d i n g, L i ni ng , S l e e v e s , b a c k , F r on t , P o c k e t s , Joini n g , F i n i sh i n g

5.6 Process Description
The process starts with customer providing the manufacturer details regarding quantity requirement, type of leather, design specifications , accessories detail, stitching style etc. Upon receiving the information, a sample garment is prepared and sent onward to the customer for final approval. Once the sample is approved and order is confirmed, the design template for producing the required quantity is developed by Pattern Cutting department.

• Matching

Leather made from different skin/hides inherently varies in grain style from each other. In the matching process the grain and color of leather are matched on per garment requirement. This most critical part in the whole process and requires expertise of the matcher.

• Cutting

After the matching, the cutter cuts different panels of a jacket with the help of the design patterns and knives. The list of panels includes Front , Back, Collar, Sleeves, and Cuff etc. Generally, design patterns made of cardboard are used in cutting process. In case single type/design garments are to be manufactured in large quantities, then press machines with metal dyes can also be used. Average wastage of leather in cutting process ranges between 15 to 25%. In Pakistan, a cutter cuts 15 to 20 jackets per day per shift (shift 8 hours).

• Assembly

After the cutting process, fusing is added to different panels of the garment, as per design requirement. Fusing machines or electric irons are used for this purpose. Generally, half fusing is done on the end area where stitching is to done and full fusing is applied on front & back panel for providing garment outlook. Fusing reduces stretch ability and adds stiffness to the leather making it convenient for the stitcher to stitch. In this process, accessories are added and rolled together for stitching. Major accessories include lining (cotton, viscose, and satin), zippers (metal, nylon),...
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