Leather Back Turtle

Topics: Endangered species, Species, World Wide Fund for Nature Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Leatherback Turtle
Humans have had many positive and negative effects on species of fauna and flora. It is vital for human to protects all species and preserve and conserve them until they can go into the wild and live as they once did in great populations. Not being able to protect these species will result in extinction and we will not have these fauna and flora for future generations to come and this can affect life and death in some matters like medicine and cures that they sample from certain fauna and flora species. It’s important to protect all species but a really endangered specie is called the leatherback turtle and this animal is very rare.

Some of the positive impacts humans have had on the species of leatherback turtles are that there are many people protesting and forming groups and alliances to try protect and conserve these creatures known as the leatherback turtle. There are also many official and governmental companies/groups that help keep the leatherback turtles’ habitat safe and other groups that help this turtle to breed so they become a normal species instead of an endangered species. An example of some of these groups’ name are called “CITES” which stands for the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species and “WWF” which stands for World Wildlife Fund which all help to protect and conserve the leatherback turtle and its’ habitat.

Some of the negative impacts humans have had on the species of leatherback turtles are pollution, littering, and illegal exploitation and black marketing. Pollution is a big threat to the leatherback turtle as both water and air pollution can and will affect this creature as it can result to a blockage in their breathing. Many people litter, not only on the ground though. As people litter into the ocean, animals such as the leatherback turtle can mistake the litter for food and would eat it and either suffocate or get poisoned. Eg. Tossing a plastic bag or a balloon in the ocean can kill these creatures as...
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