Learnings from Capsim Simulation

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision tree Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1.Incorporating Learning of DM I in Capsim Simulation

Following were some of the key learning of DMT - I which we incorporated in Capsim Simulation:

1.1 Setting the Right Objective

The most important take away from DMT - I was it is important to set a right objective. Even if we correctly solve a wrong problem, there is no use. Hence, as we set forth our DM 2 journey we ensured that the whole team was clear of the end Objective. A lot of deliberation and debate went into finalizing the objective. From DMT - I, we were aware of the following issues which hamper decision making, issues like Group think, decisions made on Judgment alone and random methodologies. We took enough care we avoid such issues while finalizing on our objective. 1.2 Generate and Evaluate Alternatives

In order to generate and evaluate possible outcomes we used a collaborative method. Each member in the team was responsible for a product and was responsible for individual decision making of the product. However, during team meetings all the decisions were open for discussions. The approach helped us ensure that we were looking at all available alternatives. We followed the approach of Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (OODA), while taking key decisions and implementing them. 1.3 Holistic View

Another important learning from DMT -1 was having a holistic view while making decisions. During the simulation we ensured that none of the decisions were in silos. We checked working performance of one product over other and not individual products alone. Also monitoring the competition was an important part of the whole strategy.

1.Things which we could have done better based on DMT – 1 lessons

2.1 Using Decision Tree for evaluating options

A day into the game we understood that the whole simulation was around trade-offs. Though we could understand this but we did not use any structured method to evaluate our options. Most of the time it was judgments on back of the...
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