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3.3assess how existing business systems need to be adapted to accommodate the requirements of an e-strategy in an organisation The globalisation has led businesses to adopt an e-strategy in business; e-strategy is all about designing game plan of implementing an e-business in the organisation. Global reach

With the help of e-business, product can be made available around the world as anyone can access web site and can buy company’s product. In ordinary business it is very difficult to make product available product in global market. Competitive advantage

As e-strategy and e-business facilitates targeting, promoting and placing product to the world at economic price it leads to achievement of competitive advantage. In ordinary business where there is no use or not much use of e-strategy its very quite difficult to achieve competitive advantage. Reduce costs

E-business leads to reduce in most kinds of costs like; marketing and selling costs. As contrast, in ordinary business there is high marketing and selling costs due to their physical appearance. Best price and customer attraction

With the help of e-strategy, business can reduce cost and can provide best price to all the customers and it leads to attract new customers as well which is not possible in ordinary business. In Berkburry, it does not have e-strategy for an e-business, so the business is facing problems like high manufacturing cost, poor quality and losing market share. In order to be a profitable, Berkburry needs to implement e-strategy in order to gain above benefits which can help Berkburry to increase its market share
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