Learning to Lead Change

Topics: Management, Leadership, Skill Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Learning to Lead Change...
“The simplest definition of leadership" says Peter Senge, of learning organisation fame, "is the ability to produce change." Does your organisation need to build change leadership capability? There’s a big emphasis now on leadership, not just conventional management skills. One reason is a growing recognition that in times of change, when systems are unstable and futures are uncertain, it’s leaders we need - not managers. When you boil it down, leadership itself is largely about leading people through change. Leaders are the key drivers of change. They play a critical role in preparing people for it, and then leading them through it. No matter what your specific job, managers everywhere now need to be more change-adept. Organisations nowadays expect people to step out of their functional role and handle a formidable array of changes as part of their daily work – often with little preparation for it. In a word, we all need to become change leaders. Whether you introduce the change – a better procedure, a service-delivery improvement, redesigning work, merging work units, designing a new product line or introducing a new piece of technology – or whether it’s imposed on you, the ability to manage change and make it happen rapidly and smoothly is one of the keys to organisational vitality, renewal and success. And learning how to lead change is one of the critical skills that underscores successful implementation. To have the ability to: Identify when change is needed and constantly build their own and other’s capacity to learn, adapt and transform Translate change initiatives into working visions and strategies staff find comprehensible and want to sign onto Design down-to-earth workplace change and improvement strategies people can work with Communicate clearly about change in ways people can understand Reduce uncertainty and convert anxiety, denial and resistance into constructive change energy Build momentum, create...
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