Learning to be a New Dad

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  • Published : May 4, 2012
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When you become a new dad, many things cross your mind. How am I going to be as a parent? What kind of role model will I be? How am I going to deal with changing diapers? This is the aspect of being a new dad that worried me. How on earth could I stomach changing some little child’s diaper when I can’t even clean up vomit? Having the supplies at my disposal, calming down the child, finding a stable surface, and then changing the diaper are important. These are some foolproof steps that ensure I will have no problem with the poopy diaper situation.

I make sure to have plenty of wipes. I like to get geared up for the event. If there is a bad mess, I don’t want to be in trouble with just one. I always like to bring an extra diaper too. Many times the baby will wait until I am almost finished with the process and decide its time to go again. Once again, quantity is quality in changing a baby’s diaper. A must have is a tube of some sort of diaper rash cream. If he/she has had a really bad situation sit in the diaper too long, there is a chance that the bottom area may be a little red and sore. I would rather change a happy babies’ bottom over an upset one any day.

When approaching the angry baby, be prepared for the worse. A faulty diaper that leads to leaking or other un-fun things could be a possible situation. If I have this state of mind, nothing can surprise me. It’s easiest to calm the baby down first. If he/she is mad and rolling around, the mess will be much worse. Believe me, changing a diaper is enough fun without the added chore of changing clothes, and bathing because of a mess that was made in a temper tantrum. After the child is calm, I try and find a surface to change him/her on.

A stable surface is key to keeping this safe. The floor is probably the quickest way, but I prefer something a little higher. My back appreciates the fact that I purchased a changing table! It’s up high enough for me to stand up and perform all of my duties as a dad. It...
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