Learning Theories, Criminal Justice Application

Topics: Crime, Psychology, Computer Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Learning Theories, Practical application in Criminal Justice

High tech offenders can come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as flavors. You can have the guy who works as an accountant for a multi international corporation, that’s quietly syphoning money from various accounts into his own offshore retirement fund account. How about the local DMV employee Trish who’s submitting falsified information to get ID’s for various amounts of cash. For minors, illegal aliens, or say that Russian wet work team that snuck into the country and doesn’t have any identification but needs some with clean records attached, to keep local authorities away in case of any indiscretions that might happen like running a red light. Let’s not forget about little Barbra who graduated from a tech school as a computer systems analyst, who pays for her lavish lifestyle by hacking into people’s personal computers and stealing all their personal information. So she can drain their bank accounts, and get credit cards in their names to pay for anything and everything she desires. Each of these criminals has some reason and explanation behind why they ended up committing such crimes. Three theories I have chosen to explain their actions are the Learning Theory, Differential Identification Theory, and the Attachment theory.

The learning theory says that criminal behavior comes about through the acquisition of norms, values, and patterns of behaviors conducive to crime. Also stating that criminal behavior is not an innate characteristic in any given individual but a product of the social environment. This theory can best explain the actions of the corrupt account. Say for instance the accountant had a great childhood and young adult life, never got into trouble at school or with the law, had impeccable grades, and was a very honest person. Such an upbringing doesn’t generate a criminal. However if when this individual was struggling midway through his accounting degree in college...
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