Learning the Law, a Summary

Topics: Common law, Law, Tort Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Learning The Law by Glanville Williams (Eleventh Edition)

Glanville Williams has penned a masterpiece which is popularly regarded as the bible for someone aspiring to do law. Learning The Law is pretty much the perfect introductory book for someone who is interested in law and wants to learn more about this extremely diverse topic.

Learning The Law does not say what the law is; rather, it aims to be a Guide, Philosopher and Friend to reader at every stage of his legal studies. This line from the description of the book as inscribed on its back cover, pretty much sums up what the entire book is about. William starts off by giving the two broad divisions of law into civil and criminal law. Most laymen have absolutely no idea about what exactly constitutes civil law, and Williams gives a crystal clear explanation about the same. Williams even gives the exact difference between substantive and adjectival law. The difference being that substantive law lays down people's rights, duties, liberties and powers, Adjectival law relates to the enforcement of rights and duties: in particular, it concerns procedure and evidence. Another point that concerns almost all law students is the difference between common law and equity. The phrase common law seems a little bewildering , because it is always used to point out a contrast and its precise meaning depends on the contrast that is being pointed out whereas equity is law in the sense that it is part of the law of England; it is not law only in the sense that it is not part of common law. The student will learn later that in case of "conflict or variance" between the rules of common law and equity, equity came to prevail. Another aspect of law which perplexes many newcomers is the layout of a law library. Williams has clearly explained the system of references, catalogues, indexes and periodical grouping. The method of finding references for a particular case is also explained which makes your life a whole lot easier....
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