Learning Team Reflection Summary

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Learning Team Reflection Summary

1.1 Some benefits of information systems in the work environment include easy access, easy backup, and a great way to keep important records accessible and recorded. Companies can monitor their funds, accounts and employees with information systems as well. The employees can be judged based on their performance and accuracy in record maintenance because of the information systems. Microsoft excel is a great business tool for work offices or places of business because it can help to account for funds and inventory. Information systems allow users to quickly understand and retrieve accurate information from a database.

1.2 An ethical issue because of information technology would be privacy. Each time you use the computer it saves your passwords, cookies and history which means that it is collected. Cookies can reveal private information and that isn’t good if you’re looking for security. For example on an e-commerce site many times they track your buying patterns through the cookies that have yet to be cleared.

1.3 Word processing tools are extremely useful in computer applications. Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software and businesses mainly use it or accounting purposes. Microsoft Word enables users to make notes, create documents and edit them as well. Each program has can be utilized to store data in many forms for businesses. Lastly, Microsoft Outlook can be used for emailing and organizing calendar events, I learned so much from the readings and I can now incorporate this information in my daily life.
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