Learning Team Reflection Summary

Topics: Emotion, Employment, Management Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The characteristics that person #1 might have may affect the performance organization by influencing others or not wanting to progress to a position status. Therefore, this employee must endure the right attitude to reflect the fundamental values, self-interest, and by identifying with other individuals. Person #1 must be vocal and express their thoughts and aspirations to shape their behavior.As a manager I recommend additional assessment to conclude what is their job satisfaction level. By understanding these factors it would describe a positive feeling about a job. It is important to be understood what provides positive feelings and low-level negative feelings. Also we recommend more job involvement because this would enhance the level of attitude toward the assigned tasks and duties. It is importance to be involved because we can identify strong and show that we care about the kind of work we do.When analyzing person #1 performance throughout the year, we recommend commitment to the organization. Commitment to the organization forces allegiance or obligation to the organization, which prevents absenteeism moves forward productivity. In addition, it promotes loyalty because employees feel a certain appreciation, which allows emotional attachment as the time and organization grows.To motivate and improve the level of satisfaction in the organization, managers are interested in understanding attitudes and satisfaction level. As an organization we want to keep resignations and absences down and keep motivate employees. We are interested in understanding what makes the employees' job interesting and challenging. Moreover would like to measure how you feel about, benefits, career advancement 
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