Learning Team Problems

Topics: Conflict, Sociology, Group dynamics Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: September 17, 2008
Learning Team problem resolutions
As we set down for our brief session as a learning team it became quite apparent that in the event of a conflict our team of A type personalities would have a difficult time transiting through any problems without an appropriate process for conflict resolution. Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution will always be a part of any working environment in today’s society. Teams provide a forum for individual employees to excel within a group by allowing the individual to show cases their individual thru the process of making contributions in several different areas. As with any group, team or individual project there will be problems or conflicts at some point. One of the most important things you can learn from working on a team or by one’s self is that at some point you will have to deal with others. The key to dealing with others is figuring out how to handle conflicts that arise effectively in order to still accomplish the project or mission. In order to accomplish this task we will first look at the team dynamics. The following things will be considered during this process: 1) what a group is and functions of its members and the function of group members, 2 Social changes, development process, roles and norms within the group. These areas also included basic building blocks, group structure, member characteristics, and manager’s effects on group development. First we need to define what a team is and the types of conflicts that occur within those teams. A team is two or more people interacting together to accomplish a central mission or goal. These teams can be developed in two types Formal and Informal. The best way to determine them is general formal teams have labels and Hierarchy (Work Team, Task force, committee). Informal teams have common interest of a personal nature. (Friends socializing and general no hierarchy). An informal group exists when the members overriding purpose of getting together is...
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